Establishing principles for a sustainable future

We are deeply committed to promoting sustainability in every aspect of our work. We understand our role in the global energy sector, and the responsibility that comes with it. 

At the heart of our commitment to sustainability is the belief that every action counts. We are dedicated to making sustainable choices and reducing our impact on the environment. Together, we can make a difference.

Our role in decarbonisation

We operate in the nuclear industry, a sector that delivers low carbon power, and is paramount to companies and governments reaching sustainable outputs and net zero goals. 

Nuclear insurance is critical to ensure the statutory liability limits set by international conventions and national laws can be met, supporting the social licence that allows nuclear sites to operate and power homes, cars, and industry with stable, low-carbon, competitive energy.

Reaching our sustainability objectives

We are aware of the impact of our operations. We are not just conscious of why we are doing what we do, but also how we can reduce our impact. While some factors may be beyond our control, we are dedicated to implementing sustainable policies across our team.

Transparency and openness are key to our sustainability strategy. We set ambitious targets and, while they can be difficult to achieve, they reflect our commitment to making a significant positive impact.  

To reach our objectives, we have established our Sustainability Committee, to ensure we stay focused on our goals. 

Key areas of focus for the committee include: 

  • Offsetting our carbon footprint with Gold Standard projects 
  • Working with independent analysts at Alectro to implement a new data tool providing a clear dashboard of our sustainability metrics
  • Refining our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to focus more on sustainable decision making 

Learn more about our initiatives and affiliations here

Our sustainability objectives revolve around measuring our environmental impact and making conscious efforts to minimise our footprint by:

Understanding our carbon footprint and establishing data-led targets 

Minimising the environmental impact of travel, purchasing, working practices and disposal 

Reporting on our sustainability performance to understand new areas of opportunities for reaching objectives 

Forging a sustainable mindset across the business to help engage employees and clients to adopt practices