Sustainability at NRI

NRI is committed to promoting sustainability, protecting the environment and creating a prosperous world for future generations.

Nuclear’s role in decarbonisation

Delivering low-carbon and reliable energy is paramount to companies achieving their sustainability objectives and governments reaching net zero goals. As fossil fuel power generation is replaced with more renewable, but intermittent, power sources like wind and solar, nuclear is crucial to providing reliable baseload power.

Nuclear insurance ensures the statutory liability limits set by international conventions and national laws can be met, supporting the social licence that allows nuclear sites to operate and power  homes, cars and industry with stable, low-carbon, competitive energy.

Core principles

In order to achieve our sustainability goals, we:

  • Use science-based targets to quantify our carbon footprint and data-led decisions to reduce our operational footprint, wherever possible;
  • Strive to minimise the impact of day-to-day activities such as travel, purchasing, working practices and disposal;
  • Integrate sustainability factors into all our business decisions;
  • Help our employees to engage with, and implement, our sustainability initiatives;
  • Engage with clients and suppliers to help them adopt their own sustainability practices;
  • Review, annually report on, and continually aim to improve our sustainability performance;
  • Conduct our sustainability efforts with transparency and openness.

Our commitments

To put these principles into practice NRI has:

  • Formed a Sustainability Committee, which meets through the year;
  • Implemented annual key carbon performance indicators (KCPIs);
  • Worked with independent analysts Alectro to annually audit and report our carbon footprint, and review our performance against our KCPIs;
  • Made Gold Standard Offsets of unavoidable emissions to remain a carbon-neutral company.

Each year we develop and track our performance against KCPIs, which contribute to an overall emissions reduction target. These are outlined in our annual reports, which can be read here.