Our Unique Role

We strive to be the international centre of expertise and partner of choice for nuclear insurance risks worldwide.

Nuclear power plays an essential role in addressing the escalating global energy demands, through a secure and clean source. At NRI, we are dedicated to enabling this by offering the necessary insurance that permits the civil nuclear industry to operate, all while helping to reduce global emissions and meet climate targets for the betterment of our planet.

Insurance for civil nuclear power demands specialised knowledge and the assurance of coverage in the event of a nuclear incident. Leveraging our extensive history in the civil nuclear power industry, we have acquired the expertise to merge best practices of nuclear power and insurance. This unique blend allows us to continually deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Your Trusted Partner 

Our specialised knowledge, flexibility and focus on innovation has made us a trusted and secure partner in the nuclear industry and for our customers.

Representing one of the largest single blocks of nuclear insurance capacity in the world, this has made us a key player in the wider nuclear insurance pooling system. We mitigate risk by exchanging capacity with other global pools, which allows us to distribute the risks we all oversee.

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