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NRI Chairman, Dr Tim Stone CBE, writes opinion piece for The Telegraph

Nuclear Risk Insurer’s chairman, Dr Tim Stone CBE, has written an insightful opinion piece for The Telegraph, entitled “Why Britain does not have a nuclear fleet to rival France” in relation to the current energy security crises taking place all over Europe. 

Today, we have a system prone to excess: one that relies on too much imported gas that inflicts ruinous prices on suppliers and catastrophic bills on households. The excess is also one of imbalance: we have tried to decarbonise by bringing on much more variable renewable power without expanding the complement of baseload nuclear to provide stability.” 

Dr Stone also explains the nuclear roots of British energy and why nuclear remains a reliable source for low-carbon energy during this critical moment when Britain is seeking to control its energy future.

Finally, Dr Stone wraps up his editorial pondering one momentous question for the UK and the industry: “But if we are not today a great nuclear nation, should we be?” 

Read on to find out more. You can access the full Telegraph article via the link, by signing up to a free trial or with a paid subscription:

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Dr. Tim Stone, CBE


Tim has been NRI’s Chairman since 2015 and is also the Chairman of the UK’s Nuclear Industry Association. Tim is a senior corporate advisor across energy and infrastructure sectors and was appointed to the European investment Bank by the British Government before stepping down in 2018. ds